"Discover the 6 Critical Factors Having the Most Profound Influence On Your Health & How YOU Can Resolve Chronic Disease Once And For All"

WARNING: Discover how to optimize what truly matters in your quest for resolving chronic disease!
"In Just 8 Weeks You Can Gain a Clear, Powerful, and Scientifically Proven Understanding of How Your Environment Works to Either Produce Nagging Health Problems or Create Life-Long Vitality"
Stop wasting money and energy going from practitioner to practitioner being poked and prodded or wasting time on endless Google searches trying to figure out what “magic solution” is going to free you of endless suffering from lack of health. What you need is a comprehensive, step-by-step program that provides the foundation and a framework for healing your body once & for all.
No more messing around. 
No more pills and prescriptions. 
No more going to specialists for every single symptom.
Are You Properly Informed and Protected From Self-Proclaimed "Experts", Devious Fad Diets, and a Government Gone Wild?
Does your health still escape you (and your family) by utter confusion, information overload, or from dubious marketing tactics pushing the latest health sensation? You don’t like being taken for a ride. Who does? However, this has been happening to you for most of your life without you even knowing it.

If you're like me..you want this to STOP! You want a fundamental understanding of how your body works so you can cut through the weeds of misleading information and hype. You want to finally improve your health, lose weight, enjoy all-day energy, reverse your health problems, and live longer. You want clear-cut and scientifically validated answers to your health and nutrition questions.

You want to know once and for all what food is truly right for you and how to navigate through all the noise and confusion of the info space. 

You’re about to discover the ONLY no-nonsense, un-biased, and research-backed solution that makes it EASY to understand how your body works & the fundamentals of what truly matters most!
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"Please! I can't take it anymore. I'm confused and my head's hurting."
  •  Do you feel completely hopeless and discouraged with your “mystery” health issues no one can solve?
  •  Have you tried nearly every method, theory, physician, and test out there only to feel more confused about what’s wrong?
  •  Does there never seem to be enough time or energy to get everything done in one day?
  •  Are you hurting the people around you because you don’t feel good or have wild mood swings that you can’t control?
  •  Do you wake up with the same ailments everyday even though you’ve tried everything?
  •  Have you lost hope that anything (or anyone) can ACTUALLY HELP YOU??
  •  Do you just “cope” with your health ailments now because you have been told there is nothing that can be done to heal you?
If you’re like millions of other motivated – yet frustrated – health seekers, you’ve been crying this plea for some time now. And, it’s time for it to stop. In a world where you’re drowning in misleading and conflicting health information, you need more than just a life vest to keep you afloat… You need to turn off (or at least slow down) the flow of information. Focus on acquiring the CORRECT information that will give you clarity and a deeper understanding and move you closer to your highest level of wellbeing.

If you’re serious about eliminating nagging health issues or chronic disease and getting as healthy as possible so you don’t die of a preventable disease, lose function as you age, or regain any weight you’ve previously lost, then what you’re about to read will save your life. Because you’ve been lied to and misled. You’ve been purposely confused, overwhelmed, and kept in the dark about your health and causes of disease. Just as we’ve grown morbidly obese on processed foods, we’ve become gluttons for diet books, supplements, magazines, newsletters, emails, blogs, videos, and tweets. However, just as too much junk food can lead to obesity, too much junk information can lead to cluelessness.
Are you done with trying to figure out how to obtain the level of health you desire? Do you simply want a proven plan that cuts through all the noise and confusion so you can create the level of health and happiness you want in a mere fraction of time it would take for you to figure it out yourself? 

If so, you are in a priceless spot right now. 
You are just a few clicks away from eliminating nagging health issues or chronic disease and getting as healthy as possible !
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I have created a program for people who are done chasing their ailments and want a proven step-by-step resource that provides everything they need to build the foundation of a life that manifests the body and mind they love. This is an all-in-one resource inside one program. It provides immediate and long term results, allowing you to acheive health right away and maintain it for the rest of your life. 

Just think about it… When was the last time you actually found a clear-cut answer to your most pressing health or lifestyle question? If you’re like most people, you are probably still searching for an answer. You went to "Google" it and were bombarded with pages full of ads and links to distracting non-sense. Only to come up empty and even more confused by the conflicting information. 

Quite simply, this program provides you with decades of research and professional experience, distilled down to 8 weeks of potent, practical, and proven advice that will dramatically change how effectively you take care of your health. With one extremely important factor that sets it apart...It reveals how to filter it all through your biochemical individuality and genetic uniqueness! 

The core components in this program will completely change how you understand and take care of your health, include:

Education – If you are not sure what is going on or why it is happening, and you are swimming in a sea of confusing and conflicting information, your chances of becoming well are very slim. This program will provide you with a powerful yet simplified working knowledge of the body so you can start to become an expert on YOU and eliminate the confusion around your health. Many will tell you what to do but few can teach you how to determine what is right for YOU. There is a huge difference!

Execution – You know as well as I do that without execution, absolutely NOTHING changes. This program  was created with simplicity of execution as the top priority. I knew that if it were too difficult to understand, no one would do it. I knew that if it were too complicated to incorporate into daily life, that no one would do it. This is the beauty of this program. The only way you can really fail at not improving your health is by not doing it!  

Empowerment – This is the moment where proper execution leads to self-actualization. This essentially means your commitment to this program will result in a personal experience that provides you with an increased confidence that you know what you are doing to live your life to your full potential. 

Encouragement – Everyone requires the right encouragement to succeed at a higher level in life, and your health is no different. Through our program community you can tap into the expertise of a highly experienced and renowned clinician, as well as engage with your fellow members of the community for moral support!

Electronic Delivery – In the digital age, there is no reason for you to not have access to the best program out there, and be able to generate results from the comfort of your own home. Our online membership delivery system overcomes busy lifestyles, scheduling conflicts, and location restrictions to make it much easier for you to create the body and mind you love! And if you want to take your experience offline, you have the option of downloadable audio files and PDF insider guides.
In just a short time you can learn how to take back YOUR health freedom through strategies, mindset, nutrition, supplementation, and therapies that are based upon YOUR individual status and have been historically proven to work. 
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We're Fed So Much Information...Yet We're Starving For Knowledge
Our modern, technological world has given us all the information we could ever want…yet, we still battle a range of chronic disease, an obesity epidemic, rises in auto-immune disorders and a worldwide health crisis. How many more diet books and obtuse close-minded health experts do we need before someone puts an end to all the MADNESS?

The solution, after all, IS NOT MORE information, but rather acquiring the CORRECT information that will create better habits and healthier choices - information that puts your unique history, status and genetics at the center of the narrative. 

We can all understand and relate to those people out there who try something, get some benefit and since they wanted that so much they felt compelled to share it with others. This is a wonderful thing and remember it was my patient's stories that brought me to create such a transformational program. However, the difference is that one person is NOT the same as the other. Countless nuances and subtleties make each case different. A program created by a trained and highly experienced professional clinician is dynamically different from one that has you live vicariously through someone else's life or is based on some trendy dogma.

You are a single and unique individual with your very own biochemical individuality and genetic uniqueness. What you need is a framework that empowers you to navigate your journey to your highest level of wellbeing. So what are you to do – continue struggling with preventable health problems or wasting hours online in search for the answers to your most important health and nutrition concerns? I certainly hope not.
  •  If you’ve reached your breaking point thanks to all the confusing and conflicting health and diet information out there and…
  •  If you finally want solid, concrete, and scientifically proven answers to your health and nutrition questions, then you’ve come to the right place.
  •  If you want to know what are the true root causes of diseases or what is making you sick – without requiring a PhD in Biophysics to make sense of it all – then keep reading.
Break Free From Information Overload And Learn How To Determine What Sets You Apart From Everyone Else and How To Leverage Strategies That Get You The Results You Want!
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Why You Should Take Back Your Power and Proclaim Your Health Freedom Once & For All
  • TV commercials and magazine ads brainwash you into believing that eating processed food that has been "fortified" with synthetic chemicals is good for you (and your kids) and that your bones will wither away and crumble unless you drink lots of milk.
  • Most medical doctors have become ‘modern cowboys’ thanks to their trigger happy, drug-prescribing habits that have caused an epidemic of resistant bacteria and drug dependencies.
  • Medical and government propaganda scares you into getting a flu shot despite the newest research revealing that these toxin-loaded vaccines have close to a 94% FAILURE RATE at keeping you healthy.
  • Supplement companies – with their images of ripped cover models – have led you to think their product is the holy grail of health and that NOT popping enough pills is the reason you can’t beat feeling fatigued, lose weight, or rev up your metabolism.

Getting a definitive answer to your health and nutrition questions is like crawling across broken glass on your naked knees!

My name is Dr. Anthony G. Beck and even though I’m a highly credentialed, and highly sought-after Physician who has helped 10's of thousands people to greater health and vitality over the last 20+ years, I can completely relate to your frustration.

My greatest teachers have been my patients.

For years, I listened to them speak of their confusion and suffering from many health challenges – including life-altering levels of fatigue, pain, digestive and auto-immune disorders.
By listening and partnering with my patients we began to uncover clear patterns of connectivity and common themes in their lifestyle and environment. This allowed me to create a virtual GPS to navigate a confusing world of information overload. I finally had the clear cut answers so many have desperately needed to overcome their debilitating health problems. 

But after creating my revolutionary method and framework and having helped thousands of people, I have realized there are so many out there still dazed and confused about how to get rid of their health challenges and enjoy the healthiest life possible. And I bet you’re one of them!
You can have access to a program that will TRANSFORM you...if you learn & apply some very simple strategies
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Are You With Me?
If so, then you’re about to enjoy clarity, confidence, and peace of mind so you can finally reap the numerous benefits that I just mentioned above.

Once and for all, you can take COMMAND of your health, your body, and your diet and get on with your life. No longer will you have to tirelessly surf the web or go from one diet book to the next health guru only to be more confused than ever.

You can now reclaim control of YOUR health and understand the complex relationship between your environment and your health in a simple, convenient and profound way.
You Don't Have to Be Another Sick Statistic
Normally, to obtain the knowledge and strategies you’ll be enjoying in the this program, you’d have to invest 100's of hours in personal research and 10's of thousands of dollars in a trial and error approach. You probably already have but still don't have your vitality!

How do I know? Because I’ve seen so many patients go down that route before finding and working with me.  And now I want to save you from that dead end road...and without the hefty price tag of losing both time and money doing so. In addition, with this program, you won’t have to re-arrange your life just so you can work through the content. You’ll be able to learn from the comfort of your own home...at your own pace...in a fraction of the time...and with all the support you need. Alternatively, you could spend thousands of hours researching and learning this stuff on your own and still come up short. Good luck with that!

What you’ll get in this program is the compilation of my 20+ years of real-life professional clinical experience, 13 years of university education in medicine and health sciences, a specialization in Functional Medicine, and an additional 20,000 hours of independent research, bringing clarity to the most confusing areas of epidemiology in chronic disease.

I’ve done all the leg work for you. And I’m giving it to you straight-up. No B.S., No hype. No fanatical, radical, or conflated gimmicks. No dogmatic one-size-fits-all or homogenized methods. Just solid, research-backed education giving you a powerful understanding of and motivation for dynamic change in your life along with how-to steps for creating incredibly important strategies to live your healthiest life ever.

Where else can you find something even remotely similar to that? Nowhere! Not even in school.
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